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It is very important to us to nurture and grow working relationships with the local community. We are so fortunate in Brighton to have a diverse selection of produce available from both land and sea, which we very much celebrate in our dishes.


3.2 Miles – Portslade

Brighton Fish Sales have been trading for over 25 years ever since local fisherman, Peter Leach, struggled to find anywhere locally to land his caught fish. Finding other local fisherman were having the same difficulties, Peter offered to land locally caught fish and sell it on. The rest is history. Brighton Fish Sales’ philosophy is fisherman first – ensuring local fisherman can achieve the best price and equipment to continue fishing in the local sea. Provenance is of huge importance: customers are guaranteed to experience locally caught and fresh fish straight from the boat.


10 Miles – Haywards Heath

Butterbox Farm is part of the Mason Estate, which has been farming for generations. Pat Garrett and her husband have been farming Dexter cattle for over 40 years and were instrumental in the breed becoming as successful and well-known as it is today. Pete joined Butterbox Farm 9 years ago and has been in farming all his life – he describes himself as being “born into farming.” Butterbox Farm’s philosophy is to allow nature to take its course. Pete states: “this provides better welfare for the animals and ensures a better end product.” Calves stay with their mothers until (at 9-10 months) they are naturally ready to become independent. After that, they are only fed grass and are allowed to mature at their own rate. “They are ready when they are ready.” Butterbox Farm strongly believe that if they’re good to their animals, their animals are good to them.


5 Miles – Falmer

Park Farm Shop is run by dedicated Matt Lenahan, who is the son of the original owners. Matt’s parents started Park Farm over 36 years ago, and over time, Park Farm gradually merged into Park Farm Shop. Matt plants a small selection of high-quality produce in the fields opposite the shop and deals with 25-30 local producers every week to ensure (where possible) the produce Matt supplies is both the best quality and local. Park Farm Shop’s ethos is quality ingredients that are competitively priced so all can enjoy local fresh food.


6 Miles – Ditchling

Mark and Audrey have been running their poultry farm since 1964! The started with a few chickens and have grown from there. They are dedicated to their chickens having plenty of room to roam and the chickens are all fed naturally to produce a beautiful-tasting bird.


2 Miles – Hove

Fin & Farm has been running since 2009 and they supply commercial kitchens and family homes within the local area. Nick & Muir started Fin & Farm due to a love of good food, but also the belief in food being local as far as possible. Fin & Farm are dedicated to working with the local community and the local community of growers. As their philosophy is to focus on the quality of the produce rather than the packaging, customers receive boxes from the farm that are returned and re-used in the farm. This ensures they can provide high-quality produce at reasonable prices for their customers.


10 Miles – Haywards Heath

The vineyard at the family-run Bolney Wine Estate was first established in 1972 by Rodney Pratt and his wife. Rodney had been studying engineering in Germany and was living on a vineyard whilst studying, which sparked a passion to create his own when he could. Rodney had a very successful commodities business, which allowed him to start scouting the country looking for suitable land to begin his vineyard.

In 1972, Rodney found Bookers Farm in Bolney, which was an old chicken farm and he thought the location was perfect. He bought 4.5 acres of land and buildings and originally planted 3 acres of vines, of mainly German grape varieties. Bolney Wine Estates now has over 40 acres of vines and focus mainly on French grapes. Bolney was one of the forerunners in modern British wines and their ethos is very much on ensuring sustainability and preserving the quality of the vineyard for future generations. With their focus on a respect for the environment and sustainability, Bolney are now using their second pressings to make Foxhole gin!